About Kotastone


Earning its name from the Kota region in the state of Rajasthan in India, this limestone has a fine greenish blue color that blends in with most interiors. It is a fine- grained stone where the grains are bound tightly making it a very durable and a highly suitable flooring material. Kotastone is much cheaper than granite and marble and is a highly preferred building material due to its economics.

In addition to the greenish blue color, it has an elite blend of shades including the brown, black, pink, beige and grey. Due to its inherent and subtle variation in color shades, it adds to the natural beauty with a rustic feel when laid out in an open space such as verandahs, gardens or patios.


Non slippery
Water Resistant
Non- porous
Highly durable
Chemically inert (suitable in Humid Regions)


High durability and low water absorption index in addition to the classic rustic look has led to an enlarged canvas of kotastone.
A few of them are listed below:
It forms an ideal flooring material due to its excellent strength and a luxurious appearance with subtle color variations
Chemical inertness makes it automatically suitable in chemical industries
It has a cushion of benefits entailing a varied dimension of alluring color variations that gives it an edge over other natural stones in places where economic considerations are important

Types of Polishes

It is the natural, non- slippery textured finish that appears on the surface of kotastone when it is freshly quarried.

The naturally rough surface of the kota limestone is brushed which imparts a shiny surface that is relatively soft on touch and feel.

A mixture of sand with water when blasted at a high pressure on to the kotastone, it leaves the surface disseminated with a soft, dotted texture with all edges machined.

Similar to sawn shot, but a relatively smooth textural finish due to brushing applied.

When the kotastone is finely polished to an extent where its surface starts reflecting like that of a mirror, the resultant finish is the mirror finish. It has a royal, dignified and a gallant appearance.